Installing plugins to document editors

Plugins can be added to any editor versions: server and desktop.

Adding a plugin to the desktop editors

You need to take the plugin files (config.json, index.html and pluginCode.js), archive them and change the file extension to .plugin. After that click the Plugin button plugin button and select the Manage Plugins option. The plugin manager window will be opened:

Plugin manager window

Use the Add plugin button to load your created plugin. It will be added immediately to the opened editors and all the editors you will open afterwards. To delete the selected plugins the Plugin manager window Remove plugin button is used.

Adding a plugin to the server editors

There are two ways to add the plugins to ONLYOFFICE Document Server installation:

  1. Put the folder with the plugin code to ONLYOFFICE Document Server folder depending on the operating system:

    For Linux - /var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver/sdkjs-plugins/.
    For Windows - %ProgramFiles%\ONLYOFFICE\DocumentServer\sdkjs-plugins\.

    The plugins will be available to all the users users of ONLYOFFICE Document Server. In some cases, service restart is required.

  2. Or edit the Document Server config to add the following lines:

    var docEditor = new DocsAPI.DocEditor("placeholder", {
        "editorConfig": {
            "plugins": {
                "autostart": [
                "pluginsData": [

    Where the is the name of the server where document manager and document storage service are installed and the plugins are placed. See the How it works section to find out more on Document Server service client-server interactions.

    If the plugins placed into the folder and the plugins specified in the config coincide, the latter will be used.

    See the Document Server API documentation for more information on where to find the config and what and how can be changed there.

Uninstalling plugins from document editors

To remove the installed plugins the following actions need to be done:

  • For the desktop editors - to delete the selected plugins use the Plugin manager window Remove plugin button in the Plugin manager.
  • For the server version - remove the plugin folder (or folders) or delete lines added to the Document Server configuration file, the plugins will become unavailable for all portal users at the editors next start.