PUT /api/tariff/set This function requires authentication


Changes the portal pricing plan with the parameters specified in the request.

Name Description Type Example
sent in Body
Number of active users integer 50
sent in Body
End date of portal pricing plan Date 2016-07-13
sent in Body
List of available features string "whitelabel"
sent in Body
Maximum size of the available disk space measured in bytes** long 1073741824
sent in Body
Maximum size of the uploaded files measured in bytes** long 104857600
sent in Body
Portal name string "example"
* - required field ** - Please keep in mind that the sent value will be converted into megabytes and stored that way. So it is not recommended to use values not multiple of 1048576 (1 megabyte) as they will be truncated to the integer resulting from the division by 1048576, or values less than 1048576 bytes as zero value will be returned in that case both in response to this and the Get tariff requests.

The description of the portal and the portal pricing plan

Example Response
    "tariff": {
        "activeUsers": 50,
        "dueDate": "2016-07-13",
        "features": "whitelabel",
        "maxFileSize": 104857600,
        "maxTotalSize": 1073741824
    "tenant": {
        "created": "2010-07-07T15:46:00",
        "domain": "example.com",
        "language": "en-US",
        "ownerId": "78e1e841-8314-48465-8fc0-e7d6451b6475",
        "portalName": "example",
        "status": "Active",
        "tenantId": 1,
        "timeZoneName": "UTC"