new CDocBuilder

Base class used by ONLYOFFICE Document Builder for the document file (text document, spreadsheet, presentation, form document, PDF) to be generated.


Name Description
CloseFile Closes the file to stop working with it.
CreateFile Creates a new file.
Dispose Unloads the ONLYOFFICE Document Builder from the application memory when it is no longer needed.
ExecuteCommand Executes the command which will be used to create the document file (text document, spreadsheet, presentation, form document, PDF).
GetContext Returns the current JS context.
GetVersion Returns the ONLYOFFICE Document Builder engine version.
Initialize Initializes the ONLYOFFICE Document Builder as a library for the application to be able to work with it.
IsSaveWithDoctrendererMode Specifies if the doctrenderer mode is used when building a document or getting content from the editor when saving a file.
OpenFile Opens the document file which will be edited and saved afterwards.
Run Runs the ONLYOFFICE Document Builder executable.
RunText Runs all the commands for the document creation using a single command.
SaveFile Saves the file after all the changes are made.
SetProperty Sets an argument which can be trasferred to the program outside the CDocBuilder.ExecuteCommand method.
SetTmpFolder Sets the path to the folder where the program will temporarily save files needed for the program correct work.
WriteData Writes data to the log file.