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AddCaption(sAdditional, [sLabel], [bExludeLabel], [sNumberingFormat], [bBefore], [nHeadingLvl], [sCaptionSep]) → { boolean }

Adds caption paragraph after (or before) current paragraph. Note:

  1. Current paragraph must be in document (not in footer/header).
  2. If current paragraph placed in shape, then adds caption like a shape after (or before) parent shape.


Name Type Default Description
sAdditional string

the additional text.

sLabel CaptionLabel | String "Table"

caption label.

bExludeLabel boolean false

wheter exclude label from caption.

sNumberingFormat CaptionNumberingFormat "Arabic"

the possible caption numbering format.

bBefore boolean false

whether insert caption before current paragraph (after/before shape, if placed in shape).

nHeadingLvl Number null

heading level (use if need to include chapter number). Note: if need "Heading 1" then nHeadingLvl === 0 and etc.

sCaptionSep CaptionSep "hyphen"

separator (use if need to include chapter number).