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Access to the groups.

Name Resource Description
Add a new group POST api/2.0/group Adds a new group with the group manager, name and members specified in the request.
Add group members PUT api/2.0/group/{groupid}/members Manages the group members keeping the current members and adding new ones specified in the request instead.
Delete a group DELETE api/2.0/group/{groupid} Deletes a group with the ID specified in the request from the list of groups on the portal.
Get a group GET api/2.0/group/{groupid} Returns the detailed information about the selected group: group name, category, description, manager, members and parent group if it exists.
Get all groups GET api/2.0/group Returns the general information about all the groups, such as group ID and group manager.
Get groups by a group name GET api/2.0/group/search Returns a list of all the groups by the group name specified in the request.
Get user groups GET api/2.0/group/user/{userid} Returns a list of groups for the user with the ID specified in the request.
Move group members PUT api/2.0/group/{groupid}/members/{newgroupid} Moves all the members from the selected group to another one specified in the request.
Remove group members DELETE api/2.0/group/{groupid}/members Removes the group members specified in the request from the selected group.
Set a group manager PUT api/2.0/group/{groupid}/manager Sets a user with the ID specified in the request as a manager.
Set group members POST api/2.0/group/{groupid}/members Manages the group members deleting the current members and setting new ones specified in the request instead.
Update a group PUT api/2.0/group/{groupid} Updates the existing group changing the group manager, name and/or members.