Name Resource Description
Get the LDAP cron expression GET api/2.0/settings/ldap/cron Returns the LDAP autosynchronous cron expression for the current portal if it exists.
Get the LDAP default settings GET api/2.0/settings/ldap/default Returns the LDAP default settings.
Get the LDAP settings GET api/2.0/settings/ldap Returns the current portal LDAP settings.
Get the LDAP synchronization process status GET api/2.0/settings/ldap/status Returns the LDAP synchronization process status.
Save the LDAP settings POST api/2.0/settings/ldap Saves the LDAP settings specified in the request and starts importing/synchronizing users and groups by LDAP.
Set the LDAP cron expression POST api/2.0/settings/ldap/cron Sets the LDAP autosynchronous cron expression to the current portal.
Synchronize with LDAP server GET api/2.0/settings/ldap/sync Synchronizes the portal data with the new information from the LDAP server.
Test the LDAP saving process POST api/2.0/settings/ldap/save/test Starts the process of saving LDAP settings and collecting preliminary changes on the portal according to them.
Test the LDAP synchronization GET api/2.0/settings/ldap/sync/test Starts the process of collecting preliminary changes on the portal during the synchronization process according to the selected LDAP settings.