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Name Resource Description
Create a folder POST api/2.0/mail/userfolders Creates a user folder with the name specified in the request.
Delete a folder DELETE api/2.0/mail/userfolders/{id} Deletes a user folder with the ID specified in the request.
Get a folder by mail ID GET api/2.0/mail/userfolders/bymail Returns a user folder by the mail ID specified in the request.
Get the default folders GET api/2.0/mail/folders Returns a list of default folders.
Get the user folders GET api/2.0/mail/userfolders Returns a list of user folders with the IDs specified in the request.
Remove folder messages DELETE api/2.0/mail/folders/{folderid}/messages Removes all the messages from the trash or spam folder.
Update a folder PUT api/2.0/mail/userfolders/{id} Updates a user folder with the parameters specified in the request.