AddOleObject(data,, data.imgSrc, data.guid, data.width, data.height, data.widthPix, data.heightPix)

Adds an OLE object to the current document position.


Name Type Description
data Object

The OLE object properties. string

OLE object data (internal format).

data.imgSrc string

A link to the image (its visual representation) stored in the OLE object and used by the plugin.

data.guid string

An identifier of the plugin which can edit the current OLE object and must be of the asc.{UUID} type.

data.width number

The OLE object width measured in millimeters.

data.height number

The OLE object height measured in millimeters.

data.widthPix number

The OLE object image width in pixels.

data.heightPix number

The OLE object image height in pixels.


This method doesn't return any data.


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var _param = {
    "data": "{data}",
    "imgSrc": "https://link-to-the-image.jpg",
    "guid": "asc.{38E022EA-AD92-45FC-B22B-49DF39746DB4}",
    "width": 70,
    "height": 70,
    "widthPix": 60 * 36000,
    "heightPix": 60 * 36000
window.Asc.plugin.executeMethod ("AddOleObject", [_param], function() {
    window.Asc.plugin.executeCommand ("close", "");