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Plugin icons

Plugin icon image files that are specified in the config.json file to display the plugin extensions. Here you can find all the available plugin icon parameters.

There can be several scaling types for plugin icons: 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, etc. For each type the icon has its normal state:

"icons": [
        "100%": { "normal": "icon.png" },
        "125%": { "normal": "icon@1.25.png" },
        "150%": { "normal": "icon@1.5x.png" },
        "175%": { "normal": "icon@1.75.png" },
        "200%": { "normal": "icon@2x.png" }

The document editor chooses the necessary icons in the following way:

  1. get the information about the current scaling and find an icon for it;
  2. if there is no such an icon in the config, take the one which is the closest to the required size and round it up (150% instead of 140%).

The style parameter is also used to specify the icon appearance:

Name Description Type Default
style The theme type of the plugin icons. It can have the light or dark values. string "dark"
"icons": [
        "style" : "dark"
This parameter is only used when the icons are different in light and dark themes.